Screen printing

Toile polyester Screen

This printing method, achieving by pushing ink through a polyester frame stretched on a screen, goes back a very long way (see video clip below)

Overtaken by digital technologies UV or thermal screen printing nevertheless continues to be a realistic high-quality option for several products that can not be printed in any other way.

Screen printing, a "process" involving fixed start-up costs, is not suitable for small volumes. The advantage is deep colour rendition and good resistance over time.

Your stickers may be cut in the required shape and your plexiglass products may be laser cut  for edge finishing. 

As a finish the stickers may be "domed" or covered with a rubber protection resin (see video clip below).

Screen printing also allows for high-gloss coat printing with registration or otherwise as a document finish (see video clip below).


1) The media 

- Self-adhesive vinyls ;

- Hyper-destructible vinyls ;

- Anti-glare PVC ;

- Other plastic materials (PE, PS, PP) ;

- Cardboard ;

- Magnetic rubbers ;

- Glass ;

- Plexiglas ;

- Anodized aluminium ;

- Textiles (cotton)

2) Applications

- Advertising stickers ;

- Safety labels ;

- Transparent folders ;

- Magnetic plates ;

- Safety pictograms ;

- Textile printing (T-shirts, sweatshirts) ;

- Glass plates ;

- Plexiglas plates ;

- Aluminium prestige plates 

Rendez-vous in our photo galery for some examples.


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