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1) Privacy vinyls, sunscreen and special applications

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Office spaces, "open spaces", bathrooms, … sometimes lack sufficient privacy. Vinyls with a "frosted glass" effect may be applied to windows.

 It is no problem at all to print these films and cut them in different shapes with different patterns, to allow you to customise your spaces


SIGNA is a specialist when it comes to placing these various films. Let us know the usable dimensions of your glass frames. 

It is best to send us a photograph to help us offer you the best advice possible. Your ordering process will be accompanied by a production schedule. The films should not be placed in a dusty environment. 

Other films are also deployed for more specific applications, such as "Lexan" vehicle protection (see video clip below) or UV sunscreen for glass frames.


2) Cutting self-adhesive vinyl


SIGNA can cut your texts and logos in PVC self-adhesive vinyls. Once they are cut out, your texts are placed on a transfer film to ensure the text and spacing remain attached to the final media. No large-volume production is required for these kinds of items.

Lettering for vehicles, windows, panels, …. 

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