" ETIX " identification labels 


Identifying objects (keys, parts, pipes) is a constant concern.

Designed and printed by us, "Etix" offers you a straightforward solution. 

Supplied as standard pre-cut sheets per box of 250 Etix for large formats (A) (10 units / sheet) and 400 Etix for small formats (B) (16 units / sheet), they may be ordered in the single-sided print version or "double-sided "blank" version. 

Format A: (L) 138 x (l) 37 mm

Format B: (L) 122 x (l) 24 mm

- A 400 units / box packaging option is also available on request;

- Can easily withstand up to 100 gr.;

- Two closure diameters: 17 and 37 mm;

- For every 20-box (250 units) order, the opportunity to print your logo in
Blue PMS 289

These boxes are available in stock from SIGNA.


In September 2013, SIGNA is launching a 3rd ETIX  model combining on the same sheet three pre-cut, numbered PVC labels that are frequently used in car dealerships (rear-view mirrors, keys, folder).

Sheet format: 150 x 125 x 0.3 mm

Quantity per box: 250 units

Sequence numbered  (from 001 to 250  …. 2510 to 500, …. ), UV printed.
Colors:  White, BlueGreen

Orders over 10 boxes entitle you to your own numbering system. 

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