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SIGNA's whereabouts is right in the centre of Belgium, less than 50 km from France, 130 Km from Germany and 90 km from the Netherlands. 

The many video clips featured on this site are designed to allow visitors to become closer acquainted with our business. Our one-stop-shop for all our activities enables us to meet the most demanding requirements in the shortest time possible. 

SIGNA boasts a wide range of products, providing a comprehensive service from the design stage to the final installation. 

Our very mixed bag of customers is found in a wide range of sectors, such as advertising, clocks and watches industries, transport, film production, public organisations, certification companies, industrial maintenance services, the pharmaceutical industry, and car manufacturing.

The "Photo Gallery" features examples of our products. Click here to find where we are in Thines (Nivelles)

Production programme                                                                                                  

Puce Jaune

- Placing privacy vinyls (frosted effects, sanding effects, vehicle, sunscreens)
- Cutting self-adhesive vinyl

Puce Verte

- Digital printing using eco-friendly solvents and lamination on rigid media
- UV digital printing
- Thermal screen ink printing

Puce Bleue

- Signs and signals (inside and outside) and safety
- Corporate identity signs and signals"Facility Management" 
- Mounts & Fixing

Puce Rouge

- Digital engraving and milling
- Laser cutting

Puce Orange

- "B2B" communication


Puce Blanche

- ETIX labels

Signa Motorsport 150

- Sport track driving courses (gifts, incentive, team building)

- Our racing team " SIGNA MOTORSPORT "

Chemin de la Vieille Cour, 78/80 - 1402 Nivelles (Belgium- Europe) - Phone +32 (0)67 22 21 17 - info@signa.be